What is the “Daily Grind”

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan


Welcome to the Daily Grind.

This is where I celebrate my triumphs and lement my trials!

The nale itself is just a play on words, originally i refered to my weightloss challange and life style chang in a negitve manner. Not gonna lie, I also thought of Peter Griffin from The Family Guy at the time.

I tend to work and perform better when people tell me that I cant do something, its like a voice in the depths of my soul screams out to the heavens

“Really? are you really the one that will stop me?”

The key is the realiseation that in the end, you define your limitations and successes.

But that said, theres also a note of realisim in it.

Making change is not easy, the Ketogenic diet especially is difficult in the beginning as you realise the changes in the your food pyrmid, what you suddenly ate in abundance is gone and what was once forbidden is opened up. This paves the way however for an easy transit into the post Keto-Flu Ketosis.

One you hit Ketosis your cravings will stop, your body will begin to adjust and you will (hopefully) start feeling amazing….I feel amazing….

In the begining there is hunger, cravings and a lot…… I MEAN A LOT of mistakes, but like me, if you make small adjustments here and there then you’ll get there in a strong and sustainable way

Not gonna lie, even though I broke (not by a crazy amount) my diet over the christmas period, through easing back into it I was able to bring myself back inline.

One thing you will notice with my blog are three core values

Have a plan – Im not exact in my nutrition counting, but im not far off. I find that even if its just the day, have at the very least a rough idea of what the hell you’re gonna do. This helps with costs and budgets, nutrition and counting as well as the all important routine

Routine – Make one, stick to it! The fastest way to get results is to build small habits into a routine. An example is that my small habits are drinking water (ive gone from an average 1/2 liter a day to almost 3ltr), I have a bone broth, I dont eat before or after a certan time (Intermittent Fasting), I have a small Keto Fat Bomb at the end of each night and I record my nutrition EVERY DAY.

This dosent seem like much, but string them together and you the framework for a routine.

Dont Get Discouraged – This is the most important thing ever…. seriously, in dieting and in life….

But yea, This is what im doing at the moment

Thanks for reading