The Daily Grind 12/01/2019

Well, damn. After the elation of reaching my target I binged on keto related snacks, no where near as bad as it could be, but still not ideal. I dont know what the fuck happened, I was just so hungry. Maybe it was stress from this morning and all the new trials and tribulations. I … Continue reading The Daily Grind 12/01/2019

Pan Seared Lamb with Grilled Asparagus

[Disclaimer - All nutritional panels are an educated estimate based on information I could find at the time. They should not be used as exact representations but as close guidelines] __________________________________________________________________________ 150g Lamb Leg Steak (based on 1cm thickness) 20g Unsalted Butter 15g Fennel - Diced* 15g Leek - Sliced* 1 Garlic Clove - Pressed … Continue reading Pan Seared Lamb with Grilled Asparagus