A Chefs own Aioli

You are looking at the best and most flavoursome Aioli around_______________________________________________________________________________________ Soooo I love Aioli and this is perhaps one of my favorites. Aioli itself has a mixed origin with ties to France, Spain and even Greece. the word Aioli is supposedly derived from Greek and translates to "of the moon" or so the legend … Continue reading A Chefs own Aioli

The Chefs Kitchen

Welcome to the Chefs Kitchen. Here I will take the time to go through the equipment, utensils and food that I have or would stock if able to in my own personal kitchen at home. Why would my suggestion count? well I am fine dining trained, a former head chef and I have spent the … Continue reading The Chefs Kitchen

Pan Seared Lamb with Grilled Asparagus

[Disclaimer - All nutritional panels are an educated estimate based on information I could find at the time. They should not be used as exact representations but as close guidelines] __________________________________________________________________________ 150g Lamb Leg Steak (based on 1cm thickness) 20g Unsalted Butter 15g Fennel - Diced* 15g Leek - Sliced* 1 Garlic Clove - Pressed … Continue reading Pan Seared Lamb with Grilled Asparagus