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I'm a former chef who is madly inlove with food, travel (worked, lived or traveled to 30 countries), history and culture Unfortunatly I have spent most of my life batteling depression and weight issues This is my journey to becoming healthy again

Quote of the Day

"You probably won't reach your ideal weight by dieting for a day, the same way that breaking your diet for a day probably won't undo everything you've achieved to date"

Quote of the Day

"The concept of Keto and non-Keto is a relative term as long as it fits within your macros, often it's not so much about what you cant have, but more about the things you can create. Sure people say it may not be as good a flavour at times, but let me tell you, becoming healthy tastes pretty fucking good and there is no such thing as poor flavour, just poor imagination and sketchy execution"