Weigh-in Wednesday

Hi guys and gals,

TLDR: Weight has Plateaued 125kg – 126kg but I’m still ahead of the game (around 18kgs lost total)

So my weight has bounced back around the 125kg – 126kg mark which is not ideal, but still okay.

I find that the weight loss journey is a constant up and down based on a crazy amount of variables.

Personally I have come to grips with how my body works and yes, i’ll be the first to admit that I may be wrong and that I still have so much to learn, but that what I know now… works…

In saying that I seem to have a steady decrease per week by slight intervals, this fluctuates heavily based on the amount of work and exercise that I have done through the week.
Then for reasons I fail to understand I will plateau, sometimes for a week or more in which I seem to make very little progress at all.

After usually a week I will have a rapid weight drop of up to a few kg’s then my weight will shoot up again. This happens once every now and again and I find I still end with a much lower weight than previously…. fingers crossed that it stays that way!

If anyone can shed some light into how and why this happens, I’d be happy to hear more about it!

Other than that, I just returned from my last physio session at the hospital, so with a bit of luck and care I’ll be able to get back into the gym and full time work.

My next goal is to get to 120kgs in the next few weeks… fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading


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