The Daily Grind 15/04/2019

Hey peeps,

Its been a great week to date! I hit a new record low of 124kg – flat which was fantastic, but because I’ve been quite ill i need to take this measure with a grain of salt, so to speak. That said though, it shows that I can do it and in my basic equation for massive weight loss, [POSITIVITY + WILLPOWER + PERSISTENCE x TIME = RESULTS]….
positivity and persistence are part of the solution

The second thing is that my leg is finally reaching a milestone! For the first time since pre-surgery I feel I am in a much better state than before. I have more energy, strength, flexibility and power now which has been like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders.

It was also my puppy’s birthday, Kira is 1 years old… shes grown so fast

Over the next few weeks however I’m going to slowly ease myself out of Keto and Ketosis…

Because we’re heading over to the carb capital of Europe (Central Europe), the fact we have no kitchen where we are staying and our long distance flights don’t offer Keto options, we feel its better to ease back into it while on holiday.

Well that’s it for today.

Have a great one


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