The Daily Grind 08/04/2019

So, the start of a new week, the start of a new goal and the start of a new way of thinking.

My weight this morning was sitting around the 125.7kg mark which is honestly fantastic considering that I broke keto pretty hard over the week end. I caught up with some old friends I hadnt seen in a LONG time, so I’m happy to sacrifice my keto health that weekend for my mental health of just hanging with my friends for a casual breakfast and lunch without worrying where and what is keto.

I also think having a small break from keto every now and again is mentally good for me as it helps me reset my focus and will power.

Yes I’ve lost almost 20kgs but i’m not going to lie and say I’m perfect or that I’m always on target….
Willpower like everything is a resource and the more you use it the more it depletes. So you need to constantly hone and practice using your willpower to strengthen it.
One of the ways you do this is realise that failure is not the enemy, it is just a way of creating a new benchmark for you to lift off from.

Annnnywho….. hopefully I can pull back my carb limit slightly over the next few days and fall back into line before the weeks end.


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