The Daily Grind 01-04-2019


Today has been a good day overall, yes there were some pretty annoying issues like a 2hr wait for a 5 min appointment at the hospital but hey, if that’s the worst then its not so bad right?

First of all, my weight has balanced out to 125.6kgs (keep in mind it was originally 142.4) which is great. This officially puts me in striking distance of my next goal of 20kgs lost (3.2kgs to go) before our holiday in May!!

Secondly at the hospital I was told that my leg was making an amazing recovery and I have officially been cleared to go back to the gym, light weights AND work towards getting a FULL TIME JOB AGAIN!!! WOOOOOO!!!

And 20kg is also my first major long term goal as its half of my total weight loss target (40kgs)

Hopefully now that I can start doing some light cardio I will be able to help balance out the fluctuations in my day to day weight variances.

Sleep still eludes me so that will need to be my next focus… hopefully the future exercise will help regulate my energy levels a little better.

Ahh well, we’ll just have to see how it goes.



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