The Daily Grind 25/03/2019

Well, back on the horse.

So things have been going pretty well considering, but I find I’m starting to plateau in between 125.5 and 126.5. This is an average though because I find that there can be rapid fluctuations in weight based off various factors such as sleep, water intake, exercise etc.

I’ve also taken to drinking a small glass of red wine with dinner, but I’m still trying to decide if that is a contributing factor.

So, until the plateauing is over, I’m going to focus on lunches that are a bit heavier in nature and lighter dinners.

I’m hoping this will free up the nights to burn off my fat stores a little more efficiently.

Actually, I’ve started going to a gym class in order to strengthen the weaknesses in my leg, this may also be a contributing factor.

Well fingers crossed.


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