Something To Reflect On….

So… this is something that is quite near and dear to me.

You may or may not have heard, but recently there was a mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand…

Just to throw this out there, I’m from Christchurch, I have family that live in Christchurch and even though I live in Australia, Christchurch will always be my home city.

For me, a week on from the disgusting attack I have to admit I still don’t understand it.

Sure, I understand that a 28 year old Australian who was radicalised by a Neo-Nazi white supremacist training group went to New Zealand and launched two separate attacks with more planned.
In the manifesto he basically said that it didn’t have to be New Zealand, he chose my country because its wealthy, peaceful, well respected and well loved. He did this to show that an attack could happen at any time, at any place…. even where people are supposed to feel safe.

Such a coward.

What I don’t understand is the sheer racial and religious backlash that the country has faced from far right aligned groups.

An Australian senator said that the American style mass shootings were a direct result of New Zealand’s immigration policy, even though the shooter was Australian and specifically went to New Zealand to cause terror.

I don’t understand how whilst the New Zealand prime minister is being praised for setting a standard and precedent across the world she can, at the same time be crucified for limiting access to high powered guns, for meeting with Muslim leaders and for promoting a unified country, not a divided population….

I don’t understand why there is so much hate in the world

Most of all I want to say that I have never understood the concept of “Supremacy”… probably because I have never been that scared.
To me the concept of supremacy is born of fear and ego, you are afraid that you will be left behind….
you are afraid that you will suffer retribution for acts that happened long ago
you feel small and inadequate and you compensate by false bravado and race

I see supremacy as a little child in a play ground who is told that he has to share this shiny toy. Everyone else is happy to share this nice shiny toy, but not this child,
They throw a tantrum, they want this shiny toy for themselves… so they push over another child and take the shiny toy for themselves, even though its not theirs…
They come up with excuses like “But its mine now!” or “But I will look after it more!” or “I deserve it!”
In the end the other children get upset ask for it back, that they need to share.
This upsets the child because they knows that the shiny toy is not theirs and they start to become afraid.
When the other children try and take the toy back, the supremacist lashes out again in false bravado.
A scuffle breaks out and in the scuffle the toy is now dirty and a piece is broken. The child is angry and starts blaming everyone else for a problem that their own thinking and actions have caused.
They’re no longer the big, tough child who took they toy off the other children, they’re a coward who picked a fight, lashed out at people who didnt deserve it, now they walk around the playground always afraid that everyone remembers what they had done and the type of child they are.

Supremacists tend to believe that they are better, its the same the world over, white, black , Arab…. all the same

I’m against extremism in every form because its saying “I disagree, so I’m going to hurt people who don’t deserve it to prove that I am right…”

Sad times.

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