16 Keto Snacks That Are Also Bulletproof

Please note that this content isint my own, I have altered it from its original content on the bulletproof coffee’s official blog which you can find [HERE]… I added this because I found the content offered some cool suggestions on how to curb the cravings and all credit needs to go to its respective owners
16 Keto Snacks That Are Also Bulletproof

16 Keto Snacks That Are Also Bulletproof

The key to a delicious and nutritious keto snack is not only that it’s low-carb, but also extraordinarily appealing so you don’t feel confined by your diet. Snacks are a great way to bump up your fat intake on the keto diet, yet also satiate your taste buds.

That’s why you’ll find snacks of all flavors — salty, sweet, and savory — in this keto snack recipe roundup. There are grab-and-go options, as well as keto snacks requiring some preparation and cooking. We’re willing to bet that they’re in fact so tasty, you’ll forget you’re on a diet. All the while, these keto snacks will keep you going strong in ketosis — that uber fat-burning state you’re aiming for as your body shifts from burning carbs to fats for fuel.

16 Keto Snacks That Are Also Bulletproof

Grab-and-go keto snacks:

Hard-boiled eggs

Nowadays, you can buy hard-boiled eggs pre-cooked at your neighborhood grocery store. For this reason, they make an exceptional grab-and-go keto snack because you can often find them while traveling. (2 hard-boiled eggs, 0 carbs)


Olives, fairly toxin-free and one of the best plant sources of fat you can find, are a great grab-and-go keto snack to pack for work or play. Take them to work or a mid-afternoon salty pleasure or serve them to your kids when they get hungry before dinner. (5 olives, 1g carbs)


Whole coconuts are an amazing grab-and-go keto snack with nearly no carbs in the soft white meat. Their saturated and medium-chain fats assist in fat-burning and cognitive performance. Try to find the healthiest young Thai coconuts you can at the market. (1-ounce coconut, 4g carbs)


12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_avocado

Avocados, one of the most Bulletproof foods you can eat due to their exceptional healthy fat content, makes for a great grab-and-go keto snack. Eat them solo when you’re on-the-go or use them to prepare a great guacamole (recipe below) when you have some time. (1/3 medium avocado, 4g carbs)

Cold Brew

mocha coffee panna cotta recipe

This grab-and-go keto snack keeps you humming all day long. One bottle of cold brew contains two teaspoons of grass-fed butter and two teaspoons of Brain Octane Oil (BOO), both healthy fats that energize you until your next meal. (1 bottle, 10g carbs)

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, made from at least 78 percent cacao, makes for an easy and scrumptious grab-and-go keto snack. You can eat it plain or melt it like fondue as a dipping sauce for blueberries or strawberries.  (½ Bulletproof Fuel Bar, 11g carbs)

Prep and cook keto snacks:


Pumpkin-Spiced Chocolate Slab

pumpkin-spice chocolate slab recipe

This chocolate slab keto snack recipe can be made with any of your favorite collagen bars to appeal to your taste buds specifically. Options abound: Vanilla, fudge brownie, chocolate chip, lemon cookie, or chai latte. Store your slab in the freezer so you don’t eat in one sitting and it lasts all week. (15g carbs)

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Keto Chocolate Covered Bacon_up close

This chocolate-covered bacon keto snack recipe mixes salty with sweet as a delectable tasty treat. If you want to go wild, you can even add other flavors like cayenne pepper or cinnamon on top. Best served after hardening in the fridge. (11g carbs)

Keto Chocolate Shake With Coconut Milk

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet Explained_Keto Chocolate Shake With Coconut Milk

This terrific chocolate milkshake keto snack recipe takes 2 minutes to make. The cinnamon and vanilla flavors contrast the chocolate perfectly. Add a pinch of pink sea salt to enhance the chocolate flavor too. (3g net carbs)

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet Explained_Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

This chocolate ice cream keto snack recipe, made with healthy fats like ghee, cacao butter, and coconut oil, leaves you feeling energized after eating. Unlike traditional ice cream that causes a sugar crash, this truly is the pick-me-up snack of your dreams. (3.7g net carbs)

Chocolate Mint Pudding

Keto chocolate chip mint

Image via Beauty and the Foodie

This keto snack recipe equates to a pudding that tastes like a mouthful of Junior Mints. To stay keto-friendly, opt for the low-carb version, which uses Swerve (erythritol) as the sweetener. (4.2g net carbs)

Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
Image via Ruled Me

This chocolate chip keto snack recipe minimizes the use of high-carb ingredients and maximizes flavor with keto- and Bulletproof-friendly ingredients like almond flour and dark chocolate. Aim for 85 percent cacao chocolate, then add the extra egg for bonus protein, and you’ve got yourself a super snack.

Savory and salty:

Bulletproof Guacamole

17 Keto Snacks That Are Also Bulletproof _BP Guacamole

Get ready for the most intense tasting guacamole keto snack recipe on the web. Organic compounds in the Brain Octane Oil (BOO), act as a natural flavor enhancer. After making this recipe with BOO, you won’t need to season your guacamole with onions and garlic, which can be suspect ingredients on the Bulletproof Diet.

Bulletproof Meatballs

9 Ground Beef Recipes_bulletproof meatballs

If you’re looking for a hearty keto snack, this Bulletproof meatball recipe fits the bill. Packed with healthy fat and protein, these lunch-worthy meatballs will keep you until dinner. You also can season the meatballs to your liking with basil, parsley, mint, oregano, sage, or rosemary.

Ground Beef Jerky

9 Ground Beef Recipes_ground beef jerky

Image via Low-Carb Yum

Finally, a quick and easy beef jerky keto snack recipe. The steps are simple: season meat, press into strips, and dehydrate. If you don’t have a dehydrator (or the time to make your own), try these jerky snack strips. (.6g carbs)

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