The Daily Grind 25/02/2019

I did it!!!! I finally hit below the 130kg mark again. 129.1 to be exact!!!

That means its taken around 4 weeks, 3 of those weeks actually making adjustments, to fall back into the routine that I had been before the 5 days that I broke keto during the Australia Day long weekend.

I did notice that it took around a week to get rid of the carb bloating that I had been experiencing and get down to what the actual weight gain was.

I can’t stress this enough, a routine is a key as it helps to build micro-habits that help carry you through.

With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to drop below the 129kg mark, hopefully around 128.8kgs would be good, that would mean I’m officially ahead of where I was previously!

My next goal is to reach 120kgs and below before may!

Fingers crossed!


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