Weigh In Wednesdays!!

Fuck Yea! This morning when I weighed myself I was sitting at 130.3kgs, that’s within striking distance of the weight I was before the wedding!

I just need to lose 1.2kgs and I’m once again ahead of the game!

What this has done is proven to myself that my routine does work! If I can just focus on the key components and build around them, then the smaller details will fall into place.

At a glance, I feel the key components are

  1. TRACKING – I need to track my macro’s and my weight daily, I find that a small fluctuation used to bother me but now it doesn’t because I’m now more informed of how the weight changes based on water content, sleep, bloating and inflammation. But now that I am more aware again, I’ve begun making the smaller micro changes subconsciously to keep within my macros
  2. SLEEP – Soooo turns out sleep is where (unless you are fairly active) you actually burn the majority of your calories and lose most of the weight. Some studies I’ve read indicate that a good nights sleep is the difference between how efficiently you lose weight.
  3. INTERMITTED FASTING – I’m not going to explain the pro’s and cons of this here, but a lot of research has shown that partial fasting is amazing for your body. Personally, I have found that it been the difference in my weight loss, by about 40%

So… that’s the game plan. hoping to be back on track by next week!!!



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