The Daily Grind 18/02/2019

Hello peeps,

I’ve been doing this diet now for about 3 months in total and lost about 10kgs all up without any form of exercise. It was closer to 13kgs lost but there were Christmas and a wedding in between so I put some weight back on.

One thing I have to keep in mind is this quote that’s been around for a bit, I have no idea who it’s from, probably some health guru going through an existential crisis over a chicken nugget… but it’s still very valid and goes something like this

“You probably won’t reach your ideal weight by dieting for a day, the same way that breaking your diet for a day probably won’t undo everything you’ve achieved to date”

I’ve found this to be true, especially on the Keto diet, if you have a slip one day then you can generally fall back into ketosis within a day or two. If you have a full on bender though …. cough….cough…. then it can take much longer. Thanks to the wedding of a fellow chef in the heartland of Victorian wine and gourmet food I didn’t just fall off the truck, I fell off a cliff in the process.

Currently, I’m sitting a kilo or two off where I was previously, this time though it’s taken to weeks… I’m fucked when we go to Europe for a holiday in a few months.

The key is routine, science and psychology have confirmed that the most effective and long-lasting results come from constant monitoring of weight and dietary intake.

Above is an example of an Excel spreadsheet that I created to help me count my macro’s and facilitate a more accurate dinner planning method.

This is the main thing that had changed over the last month, I had become apathetic and fallen out of a routine. Previously I used to track my macro’s and my weight.

The motivation I gained from small incremental weight loss and target gains was phenomenal.

Fingers crossed that I can jump back on track within the next week or two.



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