The power of Imagination

“The concept of Keto and non-Keto is a relative term as long as it fits within your macros, often it’s not so much about what you cant have, but more about the things you can create. Sure people say it may not be as good a flavour at times, but let me tell you, becoming healthy tastes pretty fucking good and there is no such thing as poor flavour, just poor imagination and sketchy execution”  

Now, this quote brought about quite an interesting train of thought. When you consider it from the point of view of a chef.

For me, travel has always been one of my great passions, having been to just short of 30 countries over the past 10 years and trying to embrace the country, people and culture with open sincerity. The most powerful message that I can take from this experience is that the only true limitations are the ones that you impose upon yourself.

I mean sure, there’s the whole existential “I am me and I am complete” and the empowering ” I can do anything” sort of mantras. But what I’m talking about is something fundamentally smaller and I find much more satisfying on a day to day level.

And this is the simple “Why?, What?, How?” as in
Why is this like this? or Why do I hate this”
What is this and what do I need to change?
How do I go about this?”

This little thought train of “Why?, What?, How?” is how I go about adjusting to the Keto diet as a chef.

An example is.

I was craving roast pork and golden potatoes with thick gravy
Why can’t I have double roasted potatoes? What is a good substitute for them? and How do I go about this…

That’s how I decided on this.

Slow roasted crispy skinned pork belly with a Chinese 5-spice rub and wilted Asian greens in a lemongrass, ginger and chilli bone broth.

My thought process went as follows.

“Hmm I can’t have potatoes or gravy because they are crazy high in carbs and I don’t want to have an imitation gravy because it’s usually terrible. Since I don’t have potatoes what else can fill me up?
… Still kinda feeling the pork, 
ooooh I have pork belly in the fridge
Pork belly would be nice, it has high fat, good protein and no carbs, 
The high fat could be an issue, so I’ll need to have something light with it and green so i can get a lot of micronutrients… I have bok choi?
Hmmm aiiigh, let’s do an Asian style crispy skinned pork belly,!
Later on….
Wow, there’s a lot of juice from the meat, how I can use that and not waste the awesome flavour?
Maybe reduce it down with some broth?
Awwwww yea….”

Hmmm that’s actually pretty close to how I think things out, granted, I have that experience from cooking hundreds of meals a day 5-6 days a week for 10 years, but still…

I looked at why I couldn’t have something and why I was craving it, I then looked at what I could have and what I couldn’t. Finally, I looked at how to go about doing something.

I guess the ultimate take away from this is that you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to adapting to the keto diet, there are a near infinite amount of possible food combinations out there for you to try,

You can’t have potatoes? great, there are several hundred other vegetables to choose from. We live in a world where you can simply ask Siri or Google menu options, nutrition information, seasonal availabilities etc.

Your life only ends with carbs if you want it to….

Hope this helps give you some perspective. I’m trying to keep these fairly short just so they’re easy to read. let me know what you think.



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