Weigh-in Wednesday

“Soooo its time…. to make a change”

Love that song….

If only it could hide my weight gain T_T

Sooo pre-Australia Day long weekend and the non-Keto binge I was sitting at around 129.2kgs.

As of 12pm this afternoon I was sitting at 131.6kgs.

It’s sad, but I’m hoping that it’s mostly bloating and that the real damage will be kept to a minimum.

Luckily according to some advice, I should be able to get back into the routine without too much pain so I’m hoping to be back in Ketosis by next weigh in.

Fingers crossed.

So all in all, it’s taken close to two weeks to help undo the damage and return to Ketosis, at first I was a little disheartened, to be honest, but then I had to put it into perspective… this wasn’t a slip, this was an avalanche and that’s okay, sometimes it happens, especially in social situations like holidays an weddings, no ones perfect but you know what, even with that slip, my lifestyle and health is so much better than it has been in a long time.

How I jumped back onto keto was to watch my portion sizes and increase my water and protein intake, while dropping the number of carbs slightly (thus why I increased the protein)

I’m planning to keep this up as much as possible, the real challenge is today is my partners birthday and tomorrow is Valentines Day….. fml…. well, time to put my keto baking skills to the test!!!

Thanks for reading


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