The Daily Grind 11/02/2019

Woooo! Back in and here we go!

My current weight is sitting around 133.6kgs.

And honestly, I realised where I fucked up, I didn’t just fall off the bandwagon… I flew of it with arms wide open.

The worst thing, however, was that it was essentially over the course of a couple of weeks and I wrecked the habits that I’d been forming and before I knew it I was struggling to put them back in place.

What also made this harder for me is that I’m still essentially crippled. I can walk okay again, just not for long and not often.

I actually had found a part-time job but I had to leave after two weeks due to my leg, turns out it wasn’t as healed as I thought and the scar tissue was causing all sorts of problems. I ended up back in hospital at the physio, subsequently, I now need regular “cold red light” treatment to help break down the scar tissue… yippy!

The other thing that is hurting me at the moment is apathy. I’m an emotional eater and tend to crave food when I’m either stressed or bored.

Now that I’ve completed my study…. ohh lord am I bored

In the end, I’m just doing small things to help get me back on track, firstly I’m going to crunch down on my carbs, that after all is the most important thing.

We’ll see how I go weigh-in Wednesday.

Wish me luck!


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