Back on Track!

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round….”

Ahhh you know what they say, “Inconsistency is Key”…. right?

But miserable jokes aside, my life has been a chaotic mess the last few months with work, study and career-ending injury, part of why I began this blog.

This blog was never about anyone other than myself, I know, selfish right?
But like my life, this blog has been a rollercoaster of action and adventure 😛 but one that I’m firmly back on track with.

My weight has begun to drop again as I edge closer and closer to full ketosis, losing around 2kg of water weight in the past few days and I’m feeling all the better for it.

I have gone back to planning our meals a little more thoroughly than I have been. As a chef its so easy to throw something together off instinct and habit rather than thought and though they have still been keto….ish and probably within the macro’s I can’t be sure. So I’m looking to get a handle on it

My leg is a little hit and miss at the moment.

I found out that my return to work may have been premature as the scar tissue had begun to latch onto the muscles causing a lot of problems for my leg. Sooooo now I’m back on the couch resting. I have more physio and treatment designed to breakdown the scar tissue, but only time will tell I guess….

Ahh well, positivity is key!!


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