The Coffee Conundrum… HELP!!! Part 1

“As strong as love and as black as the devil’s hooves”

Ahhh there is something so magical about this amazing substance that invigorates the mind and enriches the soul. There’s a saying that good coffee should be “As strong as love and as black as the devil’s hooves” and for many, that’s great, for others, that love coffee but are after something a bit smoother… there’s milk…. ohh… keto…’cha

The issue with milk on the keto diet stems from the natural sugars within the milk which in turn equate to carbs. Depending on which brand there can be anywhere between 4.4g to 7g of carbs per 100ml… that can be OVER A THIRD of your daily carb limit in one coffee. For some, that’s a risk worth taking and to you people, I salute you!!!

Thankfully we have some options available to us on the keto diet that help to ease the painful thoughts of extracting this glorious bean from our lives.

Before going into that, however, I need to emphasise a point here…. QUALITY MATTERS! For those who think coffee is coffee then you are misguided. like wine, coffee comes in a variety of depths, from bold flavours all the way to subtle tannins.

[NOTE] That said, you’ll find the quality more important in a black coffee than a white, as the milk smooths out the flavour and though you can still taste the essence of a good bean, you lose a lot of the subtle tannins.

What most people may not realise is that coffee is actually a seed from the fruit of a coffee tree….. so by definition coffee is a fruit juice… Hazzar!

The reasons quality matters are simple… The flavour, how it sits in your mouth and how it invigorates you after

The key to great tasting coffee begins at the source and lies in the quality of the green beans, the skill of the roasters, how they are stored and how fresh the roast is and the brewing technique used

There are around 800 fragile oils in coffee beans which will become stale (due to exposure to oxygen) within 5 days after roasting, 3 hours after grinding and 15 minutes after brewing. Thanks to an upward trend of small, quality artisan roasters in Australia there has been a sharp rise in a call for quality beans, skilled brewers and more sustainable storage.

That said, estimates point to the fact that the majority of coffee sold to the consumer is already stale even before the packet is ever opened, as the minimum time that it takes to get coffee from the central roasting facilities to the consumer, is one week at best, and two months on average. If you want examples of terrible coffee look at the quantity sold, coffee takes time to develop and grow, dry and roast, so places like Starbucks who lead the charge in the pursuit of destroying good coffee and Merlo Coffee to name a couple (Based on personal preference of course)

Even vacuum packaging and a special filter seal won’t stop the breakdown of the coffee, just delay it.

That said, I’ve listed a couple of keto friendly options that may ease your soul

Black:- The originator, in a world where there can be only one, the espresso stands above all. Black can generally come in a variety of ways, as a chef, short and strong, but for others, perhaps a softer filter coffee?

[NOTE] If you’re after a Turkish coffee however you may struggle. Though there are a few keto friendly sugars out there, in a concentrated form they will make the coffee bitter and won’t have the same syrup like effect.

White- Herein lies the problem for most coffee drinkers…. and that is the milk. In our current culture, we love to stop in at our local cafe, my preference when not at work is the ohh so good latte’.

For me, I have moved to a lower carb full cream milk and reduced my coffee sizes, a little rough at first but I feel surprisingly a lot better for the lack of dairy and carbs.

But of course, there are other options.

Soy Milk:- While most forms of unsweetened soy milk are low in carbs, it’s not necessarily good for your health. There are healthy and unhealthy foods you can include in a keto diet based on the carbohydrate composition.
And while consuming Soy Milk may not necessarily kick you out of Ketosis, It’s not the best way to look after your body in the long run.

Almond Milk:- According to nutrition labels, unsweetened almond milk, at 1g of carbs per 250ml is the best substitute milk you can use for keto. Depending on the brand it is often a good source of calcium, vitamins A and E

Coconut milk:- This is another alternative for a keto diet and a way to avoid dairy. It’s high in fat, low in carbs and won’t kick you out of ketosis. Also, just like coconut oil, it contains fat-burning MCTs.

Thanks for reading do far, I hope you enjoyed the brief overview of Keto coffee, please stay tuned for part 2



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