The Daily Grind 23/01/2019

Soooo, Its been a while

Since the last update, I’ve been pushing through further study and began training for a new career…

Its been an interesting last couple of weeks an even though I’ve been under a lot of stress, both physical and mental, I’ve managed to learn a few things

First of all, I LOVE COFFEE…. Almond milk based coffee, not so much.

I actually don’t mind a small-medium Almond Latte in the morning to get me going, the nutty flavour is a nice, stark contrast to the norm, yet still quite smooth…. But that’s where I draw the line.

I find if I have more than 1 cup a day the almond milk just makes me feel like trash. That’s, of course, a personal preference.

The second issue that I have found is that I’ve stopped controlling my macro’s and my weight has been plateauing slightly. They say that the keto diet will go in spurts, with a short plateau in between, but I’m not sure this is it. I’ve just found it difficult the past two weeks to find the time.

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