The Daily Grind 17/01/2019

YESSSSSS!!!! I’ve managed to get back on track finally!!

Seems I was right and my water levels had dropped way down. Need to remember to bring them back up.

I was right and my drinking habits had slipped from 3ltrs or so of water a day down to around 1ltr,

What’s worse is I’ve been replacing some of it with no-sugar coke to be fair, its not that bad, but its not great either…. Have to keep an eye on this.

Aldi low carb bread is a life saver, I’m able to have fried bacon and egg sandwiches WOO!. but weight seems to be slowing down. maybe too many carbs? hmmm get water back on track first.

Still experimenting with coffee…. a double shot + 50ml of milk is working out to be 2.4…ish carbs. So a coffee and sandwich is around 8-9 carbs.

It’s much lower if I swap the milk for butter or cream, but in this 40 degree Celsius heat they just feel too heavy

Well. I’ve gone from 142.4kgs down to 129ish…. not bad at all! I’ll make sure I keep up the water and watch out for the coke and snacks..

TLDR:- “I realised that my habits were slipping, in particularly a fairly important one…. DRINK WATER!!!”

Disclaimer:- Theses are just my rough personal notes that I take daily, please forgive if they are rough



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