Lies, Betrayal & Keto Myths! #01


Welcome to the first in the series “Lies & Betrayal and Keto Myths!” Here I’ll post short conversations, miss-communications and issues that I have discovered surrounding Keto and the low-carb community and the labyrinth that is Ketosis. As always, there will be a TLDR at the bottom for those of you that don’t have time to read 🙂

There is a disclaimer here though. I am a chef, not a nutritionist or a doctor, this is purely based on perspective and information i have found. Please don’t take it as gospel.

Food for Thought….

Now, The keto diet has been around for a very long time, stretching back to our distant hunter gatherer ancestors. Our bodies evolved over thousands of years to survive in ridiculously harsh environments and in order to do that, we needed to be efficient.

This is where the base concepts of intermittent fasting and Ketosis draw their origins. Carbs didn’t exist in the ways they do today and its fair to say that before agriculture developed, we were living a fairly keto friendly lifestyle. Research suggests that one of the reasons we survived those harsh times is that our bodies were permanently in a state of ketosis.

But over time as surplus food grew thanks to hardy crops and animal domestication we began to develop other habits and traits which began to dominate our daily lives and culture.

Fast forward several thousand years and we are only now starting to understand more about how our bodies work and what they need Keto is making a comeback and as we know, Keto diets are awesome, sustainable and most of all…. they work

Science is coming to the party with more and more research verifying they can reverse many common, serious diseases. This includes obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and more

Public Service Announcement…..

Unfortunately if you join any health forum or Facebook group, especially a Keto group you’ll start to find a lot of information, this is great, but you’ll aslo find a lot that conflicts with your own research or views, some are informative, while others can be quite toxic

This is what we don’t need…. ever…
Conflict is great, don’t get me wrong, conflicts like constructive criticism and debates help to grow the community, general knowledge and overall health. But when its toxic and designed to belittle someone and put them down. that’s when I have issue.

More often than not these types of people have personal issues that they take out on others. Please don’t…. just chill

That said, everyone is different, with different triggers and what works for some, may not work for others. Where you draw the line is simple sit down and ask yourself “Is this personal opinion? or can they back it up with data?”

TDLR:- Don’t be a dick, everyone is different and is finding their own way to 
make this work for them. Treat them with respect, because you’re probably 
not right either.

feel free to let me know what you think!


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