Keto Quick Tips! #1


Welcome to the first in the series “Keto Quick tips!” Here I’ll post the tips, ticks and discoveries I have made through research or trial and error as I meander my way through the labyrinth that is Ketosis. As always, there will be a TLDR at the bottom for those of you that don’t have time to read 🙂

Kicking it off whit what I feel is one of the absolute musts…. routine, or more specifically, building habits.

The Habit of…. well… Habits

There is a fantastic quote by one of the legends of objective wisdom himself, Aristotle and it goes like this, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit

This quote is simple but says a lot about the effective power of the habit. But I’m not talking about massive life changing habits, that comes with time. What I’m actually talking about is building “Micro Habits”.

As the name suggests, “Micro Habits” are small, simple processed that form part of a lager habit or routine. For me as a chef a “Micro Habit” would be at the beginning and end of each shift, to the i the stock levels of my service fridge. Pretty simple huh? Well you can bet I got absolutely shafted a number of times before it became a habit.

What may not be apparent is that this one, simple “Micro Habit” was the start of what would become my basic routine and helped reaffirm that I was on top of my section.

You see, the best way to check my section was to spend 5 minuets taking everything out.
——-> Now I have an empty service fridge, great chance to take a sec to give it a quick wipe.
———-> Now I may as well check the labels, dates and quality of my prep.
————-> Now I have my prep in front of me, I can check/write my prep list.
—————–> Now I can put everything away, organised and tidy with the knowledge that I now know what I have, where it is and I have checked something that may have been missed from the previous shift. I have also just increased my service and prep efficiency while compiling with “Workplace Health and Safety“…. all it cost was 10 min and it all started from the “Micro Habit” of checking my section.

I repeated this at the start and end of each shift and it be an to become part of my routine. Theses series of “Micro Habits” had just formed one big habit that had become part of a routine.

I cant honestly tell you how much this saved my life as a chef, in an industry where you work more weeks over 60hrs than below that, an industry with 1:00am start times and 15hr shifts, trust me…. when you cant think, your habits do it for you.

The Keto Conundrum

The same can be said for Keto and honestly, the “Micro Habits” that I have developed in the process of my diet have been the deciding factor for my 12kg weight loss to date.

They say the hardest thing to do is to start something. This is true, how much easier is it to keep up the momentum if the whole process has already been started for you

The routine that I’m following is now (mostly) automatic and rather than worrying about starting the day of right, I’m looking at ways I can keep the momentum going.

It actually doesn’t matter what “Micro Habits” you make, as long as they are small, attainable and consistent

These are the Habits I started with, they may sound simple… but simple is key.

Morning Micro Habits

  • Check my weight
  • Drink some of water
  • Have a Bone Broth

Evening Micro Habits

  • Check my weight
  • Record my macros
  • Drink some water

These may seem laughably simple, and they are, that’s why they work. By checking my weight i get to see the small changes I’m making and the small victories, it helps keep me going.
Drinking water helps keep me full, hydrated and thinking clearly while at the same time helping to flush my system out.
Because I do intermittent fasting, the Bone Broth is gentle on my stomach and helps ease me into eating a full meal whilst tasting great and providing a lot of beneficial nutrients.
And macros… because macros

Anyway I hope this provides a good example on how “Micro Habits” can help your weight loss progress on Keto and well, pretty much everything.

TLDR:- It actually doesn’t matter what “Micro Habits” you make, as long as they are small, attainable and consistent. Make them and do them consistently so rather than having to start a process each day, your habits do it for you, so all you have to do is continue the momentum which will make the day much easier for you.

Thanks for reading


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