Getting the Right Start….Pt 1

“For all my friends in the media who like quotes, mark this quote down. From this day on I’d like to be known as ‘The Big Aristotle’ because Aristotle once said, ‘Excellence is not a singular act; it’s a habit. You are what you repeatedly do” Shaquille O’Neal

[Disclaimer:- I’m going to try and keep my blog posts fairly short so they’re easy to read, if they exceed 5-10min of reading then i’ll try and break them up :)] 

So, I recently read a pretty cool book by a guy called Aubrey Marcus called “Own the Day, Own Your Life” and you can find a link to this guys site riiiiiight here [BOOM]. Now, I’m not endorsing the book and screaming buy it now, but it does have some relevance to the keto diet that I’d like to share.

“I’m not a doctor, or some kind of neurotic brainiac biohacker. I’m a guy who’s dedicated his life to optimizing the total human experience. And that means not just being fit, healthy, and wealthy, it means enjoying the fuck out of being alive. That’s where the perspective of this book is different than any other. It’s realistic. It’s clear cut. It’s written for you, not to show off to the academics or cater to the elite 1% who can afford fancy machines to hook to their brain.

This book is designed to give you the map to help you become more capable of doing anything you want to do. Maybe that is to play a sport, have incredible sex, hike a mountain, find mental clarity, connect with your family, whatever it is, this will make you more capable. That’s why this book is for everyone. That’s why this book is for you.” – Aubrey Marcus, own the Day, Own Your Life.

Basically the concept in short is that by starting off your day right, you build a solid foundation for the rest of the morning, the day, the week…..

“Ultimately, we are building toward one single day for you to plan, in advance, to completely own. It could be next week or next month or next fiscal quarter, but as you read, feel free to employ any of the techniques you find in these pages as you go along. That will only help you troubleshoot and be fully ready for that very first fully owned day. But make no mistake about it, your goal is to prepare and own one full day, like a total boss” – Aubrey Marcus, own the Day, Own Your Life.

I liked the book and its no bullshit approach to some serious topics.

But the reason that I’m bringing this up is that it has a great deal of relevance to the keto diet and how important it is to start the day right. But to be fair, its also a great concept to adopt for your standard day to day routine.

Its actually been one of he hardest yet most rewarding things that have helped me to drop over 12kgs so far and that’s the concept of starting out right.

Now, I’m not going to pretend you’re an idiot or assume that you are me, this is about me and how I problem solved my… er..problems.

When I first started I was a mess, I was all over the shop, I was hating myself for my failures and blind to my success…. But I cant stress enough that IT WAS FAR BETTER THAN DOING FUCKING NOTHING ABOUT MY HEALTH… you know, just in case the first part put you off.

Look, it took time and a lot of self evaluating but I eventually realised a few things

  1. I was always hungry
  2. I was randomly tired, lethargic and drained
  3. I had weird cravings…. I mean…. weird
  4. My sleep was shocking
  5. My productivity was so low it was basically hunting the Red October…. great movie by the way.

Though I did this slowly step by step, hour after hour of research I eventually realised several things

  1. My hunger was mainly down to boredom. I’m an emotional eater, but my trigger seems to be boredom or stress. I was bored sitting on the couch recovering pre-surgery and I was stressed about my finances and lack of a job.
  2. My lethargy stemmed from the quantity of food I was eating and the types of it. Like all things except hard drugs, moderation is key and yes on the keto diet fat is great, its still fat, if your body cant process it…. it still becomes fat.
  3. This was the most significant find since everything else in some way is an off shoot of this. I was craving some weird shit because I wasn’t giving my body the right sort of vitamins and minerals or my calorie/fat/protein/carb ratios were way out of wack
  4. This was mostly caused by my lethargy during the day
  5. This was caused by all the above points

So, with my evaluation in hand I hobbled to the computer to do some research! From my own experiences running kitchens I knew that building solid habits would be the key. So, I listed them out and here they are and trust me, they’re so simple that they’ll make me sound like a real fucking idiot.

  1. I realised didn’t understand the diet well enough to make informed decisions, I had the concept, but not the details
  2. Because of this lack of information I had no idea what my actual nutrient requirements were, such as macros for instance
  3. How I was starting the day was doing far more harm than good.

Oh’ how little we know….

After all of that it came down to one simple thing… Information. I now knew a few things that I didn’t before and though It may not have been a complete picture, It was a great place to start.

The first step was planning it out, I needed information and I needed it fast. I already had the overview of what keto was, but like they say, the devil was in the details. So I specifically looked into the process of ketosis and what the macro’s were and what mine should be. It didn’t take long before I realised several ways I had been shooting myself in the foot.

I’ll go into more details about this in the next part. Sorry its a little short. I’ve been busy with physio and a few other things. But I’m trying to make a habit of quality content, even if its a little short.

Thanks for reading.

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