The Daily Grind 11/01/2019

There are some days in our lives when good fortune falls on us, a gentle cascade of evanescent light that uplifts the body and quenches the spirit. But at times bad luck and sorrow fall on you like a torrent, sweaping you out to sea.

Strangely, almost soberingly the difference between the two is simply a state of mind.

Today started off so well, coming down off my high of finally reaching my first true milestone I finally felt ready to tackle one of the most daunting hurdles that I will face.
…. Finding a job!
You see, The doctors had originally told me a few things that they believed to be correctt

  1. I wont be able to walk brace free for 8 weeks
  2. I will be on crutches for 12 weeks
  3. It will probably be 12 – 24 weeks before I can start going to the gym and working
  4. It will be around 12 months before I can return to my old work habits
  5. Most people gain weight post surgery

What actually happened with me

  1. My brace came off at 6 weeks
  2. I was walking crutch free at 7 weeks
  3. I was told that part time work would be fine in an office capacity (stay the hell away from hospitality)
  4. I lost weight

So based on all that, I was excited to be heading out for my first job interview in a lifetime. I arrived at the interview in shoes I hadn’t worn in a year, a business suit that no longer fit me, a lose belt and slightly baggy pants. (I had a phone interview yesterday afternoon and they asked for an 2nd stage interview schedualed for the morning)

All in all the interview went suprisingly well, the manager saw my weightloss as a sign of drive and determiniation. By the end I had impressed them so much they wanted me back for the final stages

This was awesome… and it was awesome all the way home, it was awesome as i got through the door, it was awesome as I greeted my puppies, it was awesome as the heel of my shoe slid out from me… It was even awesome up until the point i hit the floor with my knee bent under me…. that was less awesome….

And just like that, all the progress and elation is gone and  I’m back on the couch, my leg strapped and not able to walk properly again…. fuck.

Im too angry to even sign off right now!

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