The Spice Rack.

Ahhh spice. Hello darkness my old friend, when will I see my spice again.

It seemed like an eternity since I was an apprentice walking into the kitchen for the first time. A little bewildered and at the same time just a little bit cocky, I mean, I had done some basic training after all?

Fuck me….. boy was I wrong.

When ever I made a mistake I was always marched out of the kitchen like a common criminal in the watch house

“Make sure the drystore is clean! And organise those fucking spices!!!!!”

Though I hated it at first, I eventually came to love it. They say variety is the spice of life and that is fundamentally true on so many levels, the kitchen is no different.

I soon started using different spice combinations in everything, from aniseed to saffron, cumin to coriander.

Fast forward 10 yeas and I still love spice, To me it is like heroin. I admit it. I’m a spice junkie.

it has become a fundamental element of who I am. With a dash of cumin I’m suddenly back in Morocco in the Jemaa el-Fnaa, the largest one oldest open square market in the world, ten thousand people pass through it each night, passing me by as I sprinkle a mixture of cumin and alt across my lamb tajine.

Then I add smoked paprika and I’m suddenly back in Budapest, slurping down the last of my goulash, too full to move

A bit of sechuan pepper and I’m back in northern China, turmeric and now I’m sailing the southern tip of India on my way to Madagascar.

As a chef I can’t emphasise how important it is to have a good selection of spices, especially on keto as they often have low carbs. I have maybe 20 core spices, herbs or mixes and another 20 that rotate around. From this I can create an almost infinite depth of flavours.

Trust me. Do yourselves this favour and invest in spice, you deserve it.

I’ll post a list of the spices that I use and why a little later.

Thanks for reading


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