The Chefs Kitchen

Welcome to the Chefs Kitchen.

Here I will take the time to go through the equipment, utensils and food that I have or would stock if able to in my own personal kitchen at home.

Why would my suggestion count? well I am fine dining trained, a former head chef and I have spent the past 10 years eating, drinking, working, living and travelling around the world. At last count I was close to 30 countries travelled form New Zealand to Morocco, Japan to Hungary.

This blog came about because of hundreds of questions such as “Why do my recipes never turn out”, “How do you make Keto work for you?”, “Can you teach me?”, “What is your thought process?”

The questions kept coming, not just from friends and family, but from customers as well…. sooooo ta’da

Here i’ll also explain not just what I use but also WHY I would use it and a lot of the benefits that it has.This is pretty new to me so if you have any feedback, content suggestions then I’d love to hear it

Thanks for reading.


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