The Daily Grind 03/01/2019

Woke up early as I had another physio assessment, It went well and I’m healing fast… not gonna lie…. I may be wolverine!

Spent most of the day at home just trying to confugure the blog, further study options and work out nutrition pannels… fun times.

I picked at more things than usual today, but my focus was on smaller portion sizes

Unfortunatly I think im slightly over my carb count but I’ve kept the calories lower so I should be fine.

My girlfriend, completly dissatisfied with keto deserts has been tirelessly working to perfect them…. which also accounts for my over consumption of carbs…. bless her little cotton socks!

Dinner tonight was a pan seared lamb steak that I made with some bits and pieces. You can find that recipe and photos here [CLICK MEEEE!].

I actually think I got the portion sizes bang on for once, so I just have to make sure I keep up the water and get a good nights sleep!

Thanks for reading


[TDLR – These are my actual daily notes transferred to the blog, these are unedited to give an idea how I deal with the day to day]

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