The Daily Grind 02/01/2019

Sooo sleepy… just couldnt sleep well last night, Its still a bit hard to get comfortable with my knee.

Had physio this morning, recovery is ticking along nicely. checked weight and im sitting at 131.6 Kgs…. so lost another 1/2 kilo. sooo sitting around 10.8kgs lost! wooo!

Going to have to rethink my coffee size, the carbs and sugars are adding up and lets be honest, I dont need that much milk. may go back to a keto coffee

Dinner….. not sure what i’ll make yet, have some nice lamb mince tho.

Fuuuuck…. well I miscalculated.
there goes most of my carbs in one go.

Portion control is still an issue and I need to rethink the cauliflower bake…. 10 fucking carbs…. ahh well. still doing well. make adjustments and carry on

Thanks for reading


[TDLR – These are my actual daily notes transferred to the blog, these are unedited to give an idea how I deal with the day to day]

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