Pan Seared Lamb with Grilled Asparagus

[Disclaimer – All nutritional panels are an educated estimate based on information I could find at the time. They should not be used as exact representations but as close guidelines]


Lamb Steak set up

150g Lamb Leg Steak (based on 1cm thickness)
20g Unsalted Butter
15g Fennel – Diced*
15g Leek – Sliced*
1 Garlic Clove – Pressed
15g Kale – Torn
1tsp Seasalt
1/2tsp Cracked Black Pepper
70g Asparagus (1/2 bunch)
1 Sprig Rosemary

Total Prep Time: 5min
Total Cook Time: 10min


Remove the steak from the fridge, season both sides with the salt and pepper and set aside at room temperature*

Bring a pot of water to boil and blanch the Asparagus until al’dente (cooked but still retain its fimness upon being bitten). This should take 4min-5min, drain and set aside.

In a pan over a medium to high heat add 1/2 the butter, the garlic and rosemary. Allow the butter to darken to a golden brown. Once this happens add the steak to the pan.

You’ll want to sear the steak in the pan to the desired temperature, about 2min – 2.5min per side for medium rare, around 2.5min – 3min per side for medium*.

Once you have turned the steak add the remaining butter, fennel and leek and continue to sautee. Set the steak aside and allow to rest for a couple of minuets.

Add the asparagus to the pan and sautee together until the kale begins to wilt, this should only take a minute or two.

Once the kale has wilted; thats it, your done! Slice your steak and eat!

Chef Logic

You’ll notice that I use fennel and leak in combination quite often. The flavors pair well together, they store for a week and are fairly low in carbs considering. I slice a fennel and a leek at the start of the week and store in an airtight container

The steaks, as with all meat should be allowed to rest before and after cooking. In restaurants steaks are often seasoned and left at room temperature to help take the “chill” out of the meat. This means that the meat will often cook faster and retain more of its flavour.

The same is true for allowing the meat to rest for a few min just after cooking. This allows the muscle to relax and provides a more tender peice of meat.

The cook times are guides only, the actual cook times will vary because of type and temperature of the heat, the toughness, cut and quality of the meat as well as your cooking preference, this simply comes with practice.


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