The Bone Broth Beast!

So the TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is this
BONE BROTH IS AMAZING, though an off putting name to some and you should always make it yourself over buying it, but buying it is better than not having it.

Bone broth is essentially a stock such as beef or chicken for example, the main difference being that a stock is reduced over a series of hours to produce a flavoursome liquid or reduced into a sauce suck as a Jus or Demi. This process is quite drawn out in order to release the flavour from the bones without making the stock itself bitter.
A bone broth however is a simmilar process but cooked on a much lower, consistent heat, such as a slow cooker over a very extended time, anywhere from 12hrs -24hrs.

The reason the lower, consistent heat and drawn out cooking times is to draw out the collegin in the bones. This is the secret to why bone broth is so amazing and how the broth is able to become so nutrient dense and easy to digest.

Back in November 2018 I was researching the health benifits of the Keto diet inbetween taking a nauseating amount of medication post surgery…. I was knocking back 115 tablets a week ranging form paracetamol to oxycoton under the hospitals orders.
My main concern was that if I were to diet, then would I harm my recovery?

Thankfully no, after extensive research i realised that your body dosnt need carbs in its repair process, but collegin….. oh boy does it love collegin.

Thats where this delicious, light, tasty, envigorating dirnk from the heavens decended

At first I was like WTF is this, but being a chef I am always ready to try something new, then to my delight I realised it was basically stock…. well sorta.

My Two Cents

Ive found that bone broths are actually quite nice, I tend to drink some in the in the afternoons as I find that it helps to supress the apitite and keep the feeling of being saited longer.

Mornings would also be perfectly fine as well, I just need a coffee in the morning to help supress the murderous rage that all chefs harbor in the depths of their souls.

k&f bone broth

There are dozerns of different retailers here in Australia and New Zealand that sell broth in all types and forms. Personally I use Meadow & Marrow or Kettle & Fire as these brands are fairly affordable for the work that goes into them.

Once im able to, i’ll begin experementing with various broths to create a recipe that im happy with and i’ll ipload it

DISCLAIMER:- I always say make it yourself, but post surgery with brace and crutches that hasnt been an option. So I have been using bone broth concentrate and found that over all its still pretty good.

Thanks for reading


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