The Journey Begins

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” — Izaak Walton     


Welcome and thanks for joining me on my journey to become healthy again!…. Because ohh boy are we in for a ride…..

To kick things off I’m Dan, I’ve been a chef for the past 10 years and a Head Chef for the last 5. I have a fine-dining background in classical Italian as well as extensive Asian cooking experience. Most of all though I have an inexhaustible passion for great food, far flung travel, ancient history and human culture.

What brings me here is quite a personal issue…

contrary to popular belief the life of a chef can be quite difficult, long weeks in excess of sixty hours in most cases and unforgiving conditions. It took me a long time to realise that I had been suffering from depression my entire working life and over the years I had been watching the industry that I love become a poison.
It came to a head while working in the UK and I suffered a series of events that I cant even put into words, lets just say it was spectacularly tragic. 
Ultimately I was so over worked that I suffered what would end up being a career ending injury.

I wound up back in Australia shattered into so many pieces all I could do is build a new me. I realised that working in excess of 80hrs a week for perfection was destroying me, not just physically, but in my soul. I was suffering deep depression and since I’m an emotional eater (stress and boredom are my triggers) my weight had exploded to over 140kgs…. yea 140 kgs….

What I had done was damage my leg and knee to such an extent that it required major surgery with 3 – 6 months off work… Fuck.
Ohh, they also said if i kept working in the same conditions that i was then I would suffer permanent injury and their recommendation was that I should leave hospitality…. Fuck..

So I did the most terrifying thing I could think of… I threw my old life behind me started working towards the future, adapting my skill set and shifting careers
My surgery was 8 weeks ago at time of starting this blog and I’m healing rapidly…. not gonna lie, I may be wolverine!!!!

This blog is designed to document my weight loss journey beginning at 142kgs….. yes…. really… and hopefully ending below 100kgs

It came about due to my need for a lifestyle change and my friends and families need to know how I do it, why my food is “apparently” always better and why Keto looks terrible on the plate

Here I will document my journey, what I have learned, the actual recipes I use and create, nutrition, the curse words, the determination and hopefully present it all in an easy to read and understand format.
I will try to lift my diet meals to restaurant standards and present the food as a chef would

Thanks for coming and enjoy the ride

250g Rib Fillet with Green Beans and Garlic Butter

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