Progress So Far

TLDR (Too Long, Didnt Read)

“Its week 8 after I broke my diet over the Christmas and New years break…. I REGRET NOTHING! Thankfully, I think because I took a slow approach to the diet my overall weight gain wasnt that bad and has begun to fall back in line. Overall I’m 9kgs lighter”


  Period:- Week 8
  Original Weight:– 142.4 kilo
  Current Weight:- 133.4
  Target:- 130kgs
  Total Loss to date:- 9kgs

Current Nutrition Targets
  Calories/kilojoules:– 2063/8632
  Fat:- 152
  Protein:- 154
  Carbs:- 20

Current Exercise Targets
  Injury update:- Leg is out of the brace after 6 weeks, still another 6 weeks of physio before I’m off crutches and can hopefully begin to add light fitness to my weight-loss

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